Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Your blessed

Last check before depart to KLIA, I'm flying off tonight as planned. Everything was in place as per the checklist. But for some unknown reason I had a funny feeling about this trip which I do not know why. It seems like not the same feeling as every time I'm off to traveling. I keep calm myself seating in the taxi heading to the airport and hoping everything will be fine. Inshallah. 

Reached KLIA on time, I was patiently get myself into the long queue waiting for check-in, just when I surrender my luggage and passport for check-in I been told by the customer service that I'm not allowed to check-in that night into the flight because the date was stated on my ticket itinerary wasn't the same with the system. The guy at the counter told me that my flight supposedly tomorrow at the same time on the same flight. I was damn speechless, how could this happened? Am I the one who confused or this is just another human mistake! This is really a silly big mistake, as I remembered I'd checked a several times before confirming to purchase and didn't aspect the travel agent has made a wrong booking date. This is not acceptable nor I will not going back home and come back again to fly tomorrow, I won't! Whatever it takes, I will make myself on tonight's flight on time! Stayed calm and take a long deep breath telling myself to mellow down my tempered for not blowing off.

The damn shit e-ticket that am holding clearly not valid for tonight's flight. Full-stop! Trying my luck to convince the customer service to assist to make it happen but likely nobody are able to do so. This is truly madness, time is almost mid night. I started called my agent but there's no answer from her end. I doubt there's anybody are available on call at this hour to answer my call to solve this major problem. Things are really turned me off to the maximum pissed of mind,  I only have an hour before the gate close for departure, only Allah knows. The customer service again and again repeating the same telling me they are unable to do anything for me seems the ticket has been purchased and blocked by the agent on special fare. Oh gosh, what should I do now..?? Asking myself who should I blame? I just can't help myself by keep on dialing my phone to reach my agent, after a many times miscalls, at the very last minute I received a return call from my agent! Thanks God! From her voice, I knew well my called wake her up from a deep sleep at the middle of the night. Thanks Allah for helping and for being there and listening to my heart. I finally get myself into the flight at the very last called. 

Alhamdullilah, things has been solved and I safely seating in the flight to Amsterdam tonight. Dear Allah, if only I could talk to you I wish to tell you that I really want you to be here next to me and listen to me all the time. I knew you are everywhere for helping me but I really want to be more closer for your blessed so I won't be worry for things surrounding. Thank you for being a safe place for me when the issues of this life become to much to bear and always remind me that I don't have to fight life's battle alone. My pray to Allah that my last words before the flight taking off into the deep of the dark sky ...from you I come to you I'll be back.  "La illaha illallah Muhammadur Rasullullah" ..

Sunday, December 07, 2014

my next destination

Huuuhhhyeah! A very happy sunny sunday before I started my final trip of vacation for this year. Damn it, I such a lazy bum! The luggage are still laying down on the floor, things are everywhere. Such a common practice before I go to anywhere for traveling but it's still considered manageable because I knew my stuff well than others do hahaha lady's stuff!. The most that I hate every time before abroad is packing and unpacking things, wonder if there any of magic may help to make things easier! How I wish laaa...By the way, I'm leaving to Europe tomorrow night, it's unplanned trip anyway. But it's okay, it been a while since my last trip to Europe in 2010. Enough of visiting a neighborhood countries with a similar weather like my lovely homeland Malaysia, I need something refreshing! Yes it's time to freezing myself again just like the way I did when I was in South Africa recently! Huuurmm I missed that place I missed Cape Town and I missed Norway too.

Traveling around, going to a new place and exploring is one of the best things I can do. It just something that I can feel and know to be true, experience things with my owned eyes. Having a chance to travel around to a few countries surrounding such a amazing moment and I'm lucky enough had an experience living in foreign country even though just for a quick period, It was incredibly and terrified! Things to be true, I want to make memories all over the world but yet depends on my pocket capacity as well haha. I do believe if there's a desires I should have a passion to achieve what I want. No matter what it takes along the way because a good traveler must always focus and keep on going to reached to the final destination. Just like the way of the adventures life of Walter Mitty  haha  

One more day to go, I still have to go to work tomorrow. Of course! Away from the office its really not a good thing for me seems I still can't rely to anybody to take charge. I can't expect others will have the same kind of mindset like I do, the understanding, responsibility and urgency. Not try to say I am good enough for everything but just a normal concerned leaving the office unattended well. It is not an easy work to get someone who really care or fully hearted and sincere to delivered. It's proven! I may say people stayed cause of their owned commitment and to sustained the salary to pay off all the bills every month. Not more nor too committed, that's the way to the most that I knew! Huuhhh 

Traveling is something that I have to do every year, its like rewarding myself for all work done and being far from my daily routine. No matter it's International or Domestic, it's doesn't matter at all, either in a group or a single traveler. As long as I dare to challenge myself to explore the adventures, things will be fun. It open my eyes and make me more well-rounded human being, I have learned more about myself. Really! Challenging my capability it presents my knowledge and opportunities to discover who I am in the way that only the road brings. The best part of it I am collecting a bunch of stories about those places that I have visited, nostalgia will create an epic moments to remembered as life is only once! 

I will be away again out of this beautiful homelands. Laying on my couch smoking and watching TV while the luggage seems like watching me not moving from here, may this trip will bring me more adventures, fun and new things. Netherlands here I come again to you, Belgium and Paris! please wait for me! Dear Allah, please give me a good health of my soul and body that I may reach its end and returning unchanged like the way before I left. Please guide and protect my journey which I undertake so I will reach the destination safely.  - Ameen -

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Lost and gained..

I've reached a point in life where it's no longer necessary to try to impress. If they do like me the way I am, that's good. If they don't, that's too bad. I been smashed for so many times, standing and putting back together but nothing is where it should be. I want to be loved like others but nothing seem like love be on my side. Behind the smile there is a stories, the stories of loneliness and heartbreaking. Things comes and go, the happiness won't stayed longer as I always wish. I choose to leave my heart away unattended, I am pretending to be strong to leave my life away. Making myself busy with my daily routine, work that I may need to attend everyday. The commitment with the only girl left at home (my grumpy lil Cikka) not much of fun as Cikka such a arrogant lazy butt Scottish cat! The fun wasn't much as when xoxo was around. Life turning slightly mellow, nothing so interesting but I just make things worth as much as I can and enjoy with it. 

I admit, I was unable to love Cikka as much as I love xoxo, I wish but the sense of love seem not the same like I had before. I feel so sorry to Cikka, I am the one to blame! I give my heart away when xoxo was alive, I been hit so bad when she has gone. Lesson that I take, I shouldn't love my pet more than what I should give to them. Hoping I still have the strength to heading forward.

It been while since my last update, wasn't like before but I won't forget. I have so many things to share but it's fair to say that things have been a little busy in the real world lately, leaving not enough time for other things else. A lot of changes and responsibility I have to carried around in the office, but I always take positively. Responsibility added with a new exposure that I have to tackle, I have been holding the same position in the company for more than 6 years. Enough said of being a Personal Assistant, involved in projects management and some others operation matters. Things are just goes well as those are just my bread and butter on my warm plate. How do I address my desire? I am not a money digger nor a materialistic person but I am seeking for a sustainable living a better way of live. Not too much of personal requirements, It's just fair enough to have a better job, even though not from a well-known organisation like before. Like some said 'better to be in a small pond where people may recognize you" so I choose to stayed. The beauty of the teamwork and the understanding between the team members developed more fun to enjoy my daily life.

I am not a morning person to wish the sunrise everyday, I have to force myself to worked to survive and to attend to my owned commitments. Simply said work is not everything for me but I knew I am not in the position to denied life needs. The more you earned the more you need in your life, same goes to me. I have debts just like others, paying bills every month for my condo, my car, the place that I rent, credit cards and my daily expenses. Counting the whole figures, I may said that I have a very expensive lifestyle but that all counts to comply. I believe there's always a way to overcome everything as long as you know how to use to brain to think and dare to pursue. Job?? Hrmmmm I love my job, I love all the people around me although I knew some are not happy with my presence. Dealing with office politics, gossip, bullies, conflict and dramas, just a colors of the whole things. I won't bother to impress like other did to get more intention, I just want to be happy, being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. Enjoying the present moment is a habit that takes practice, finding a reasons to be happy where can benefit my future. I can't predict the future by judging base on what I had, may need to stayed calm on positive emotion for mentally focused. Leave a side to have a successful marriages, stay focused and enjoyed a greater sense of well-being. Consistent a long-term happiness subjects to life's highs and lows. 

Everyday is a new opportunity for me to be better than yesterday, I now look at the things I do as opportunities to get better from one day to the next but not too obsess of perfection in straightening my goal. I have no idea what people could say about me, the value? capability? challenge ? opportunist? Whatever it may called!  stayed focusing on small improvement and mini goals, I'll naturally move myself towards my larger dreams. The dreams that makes me free of everything!