Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ain't that way

That day... you were there standing look at me enjoying the beautiful sunrise. The treat will be remarkable just like how meaningful you're in my life. I wasn't prepared for the unexpected, I didn't realise those changes that you started open the door quietly. 

For so long that I been waited for you to come back in yourselve but I ruined the whole you accidentally within a second. How I wish I could have you back just like a hour ago. We are too fragile! That's what I could say.. 

You turned me upside down without warning. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. I didn't mean to hurt you and I'm sorry pushed you away. Only if I could tell how much love I have for you, but seems like there's no more room anymore for me to stand by your side. 

I'm working for so hard and waiting for so long but I come to realised what's not gifted to you directly is gifted to you through someone's else blessing. 

Yes I do hurt you today but I hurts even more than what you're thinking. I tried to tell myself it's mind over matter, but my heart was the matter standing in the way.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Jangan lagi

Dengan izinmu Ya'Allah..
Berilah aku kekuatan

Untuk tidak menyakiti kerana aku pernah disakiti
Pelihara aku agar tidak mengkianati sepertimana aku dikianati
Jangan biarkan aku melukai kerana aku tahu sakit bila dilukai
Tabahkan aku agar jangan meninggalkan sesuatu yang kau beri kerana aku tahu peritnya bila ditinggalkan

Dan hanya dengan izinmu aku bisa memiliki dengan sepenuh hati..

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wrap up time!!

Day 6 & 7 

Long story short, we were tight up with meeting over meeting. Knowing that I will be leaving this city very soon. Before end, I'm being invited to join a treat to Stamford Bridge where Chelsea Stadium located. What is this place meant for me hhahaha... nothing! 

This truly ideal for those fans but not for me! Sorry for all Chelsea fans for not be able to be here instead of me. Lol... Spending half a day visiting this stadium, just another point of view from someone who know nothing about football. I'm not surprised only 2-3 of all truly a fan of Chelsea, as for the rest this probably one of the thing todo to whoever come visiting London. 

I could say this will be an interesting tour for Chelsea fans but the stadium not as good as some stadiums. Overall not so bad for the tour except the entrance fee was slightly higher than Red Giant stadium. I bought myself 2 jerseys and some souvenir to bring back home. Thanks Chelsea! I do enjoyed the hospitality especially your charming tour manager. 

Well² time running too fast, I will leaving London early morning tomorrow. Wrap up time and going back where I belong. Let's start the engine pack things up huhu... 

Bye London! Ill be back again to see you..! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's!

Day 5

Honestly I was horribly insomnia, working thru all email and keep on talking with my team mate in Malaysia.There's so many thing todo and waiting for me to come back! So many things happened at the same time actually. We are going to organise another event in Majestic Hotel for the Deep Dive Demo and Knowledge Sharing on our new release version of the Integration Engine to all our clients and prospect. Hoping this will be a ice breaking for more opportunity. This event must goes well!!! Dear Allah, help me for more strength and bless me for good health to move forward and success.

Honestly, my heart wasn't here with me. I was worried what is happening in the office and how was all the arrangement progress in preparing the event. I can't rely the rest but I may need to overlook every single things. Not only that, my mind was super worry on how was the project movement in the Hospital. Hows things goes for each section? There's so many things in my head running around. Counting day to come back! 

My mind was squeezing while my body is moving around. We have done with short discussion in Cantor Fitzgerald and they taking us for lunch treat in Seashell at Lisson Grove. One of the famous seafood restaurant in London. Nice interior and cozy environment restaurant, recommend by DA to whoever seeking for seafood in London instead of going to BubbaGum that serves pork as per the menu. 

Done with lunch, we took a tube to Knightsbridge to fulfil request from friend of mine. Located along Brompton Road, this will be another challenge for me. We are entering the magical store and the biggest department store in Europe, Harrods! "All things for people, everywhere!". The building itself is like a huge stunning castle. Offering a large variety of pretty much of everything you need. A very exclusive and expensive good quality items. It's so worth seeing and going inside, especially the Egypt style escalator! 

Well, I am not rich like others probably but can barely afford to walk into this place. Haha another experience enjoying looking at people crazy over branded stuff and burning their money for all this kind of things. Don't worry if you're in jeans and sneakers, no one cares about you unless we carry branded paper-bag to show that we are really can afford to shop! Haha deeply proven! 

Other friend desires won't be my concern anymore, I bought myself a Burberry scarf and purse to match with my handbag that I bought few days ago. That cost me £335.00 and £270.00 and another £64.95 for Nike's sweat jacket because I love the design so much. This place is terrifically amazing and make me running insane! I have to be more careful for the next damage haha. No one seems  bother to agree to stop at the make up section! the boys won't be like it either. I just past through this area without having a chance to look at it! huhu poor me isn't it! Mood sentap..well! truly fine.

Last but not least for the day, before we leave this place I don't want to missed check out the most famous brand Louis Vuitton area! This section been showered by a lot of people just like the place where selling pisang goreng panas! Yeahh expensive pisang goreng I could say haha. I have to wait for 10min to be entertained,  all the visitors/buyers required to register their name while waiting for the sales personnel to come and serve you individually! and I will be the next one. Never thought of getting something from here but after looking at the price offered, I was truly melted with the Damier Ebene canvas collection of Delightful MM and the zipped classic wallet. Both may cost me £790.00 and £455.00!! and I will save £207.50 after VAT deduction means I only need to pay around £1037.50. The price much cheaper than Malaysia or anywhere else. Without a second though I have decided to buy both. Yeah I knew it's really expensive but it's okay to rewards myself a Valentine's gift for whatever I have gone thru alone! Haha this just my silly excuse for spending that much I guess. A zillions thanks for the pocket money from that 'someone' who care from far without any demand. May Allah blessed you! My respect with love.

Enough for the damage today, I still need to walk around the street follow the rest to next door. No more shopping for me perhaps. Thinking of how do I bring back all my things >_< erkkkkk bye for now! Scratching my head..damn! Lalala pretty woman walking down the streets! Mood perasan huhu